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Thread: Silver is sweet and Black is beautiful

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    Silver is sweet and Black is beautiful

    I recently picked up a 1978 Sansui Tu-317 in minty perfect condition except no box for next to nothing and it sounds really really nice , I am sitting here at 11:48 pm listening to CBC radio 2 a program called The Signal which I highly recommend also I am not hooked up to cable just a good old fashioned dipole antenna , cable may offer more stations but it simply isn't worth the trade off which is crushed dynamics . I am now on the prowl for a minty Sansui roundface Tu 555 / 666 / 777 Silver is sweet but Black is Beautiful .

    Ps I love silver gear to

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    aah yes!

    Was missing posts in love of the music & gear.
    Thanks for sharing sire and pics shall add some more of glory

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    Looks good mate. Do post some pics.

    I do miss good radio in these parts of the world. Internet radio is too lacking in bit-rate.

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